How to Unwind Along the Winding Path

How to Unwind Along the Winding Path

Everyone has to get in a little R&R (rest and relaxation). With all those long hours spent on the roads and highways of America, it pays to keep a good balance between rest and work, so when you are driving, you’re all focus.
But what about when it’s time to cut the engine and turn in for the day? What do you do to unwind, re-center, and get ready for the next day’s grind? Here are a few things truckers like you have done to take it easy when the time is right.

Stop Somewhere

One of the best things a trucker can do to take a break is to simply stop and stretch their legs for a minute. There are plenty of places to do this along the way so that truckers aren’t left without a safe haven to grab a bite, take a moment to get cleaned up and refreshed, or just someplace to catch a little shut-eye.

Truck Stops

The best place to refresh, renew, and recharge! A truck driver can find anything from a GPS to a nice hot shower or cup of coffee. You can stop in for the night, grab some dinner, rest up, grab some breakfast and a shower, and be on your merry way. It’s also a great place to stock up on snacks to keep you going until your next stop.


Who doesn’t like to eat? Stopping at a restaurant will afford you the chance to both stretch your legs and fill your hungry belly. These establishments are often easily accessible just off of interstate exits so that weary travellers don’t have to trouble themselves too much with trying to find a place to eat.

Company facilities

Some companies have facilities set up along their various routes to provide their employees with a place to get a shower, exercise, and more. These facilities double as a place to set up special events during holidays and are also a great place for company picnics! Check with your company and see if they offer anything of this nature.

Entertain Yourself

All work and no play will make anyone feel dull if it goes on for long enough. Fortunately, there are lots of ways for you to entertain yourself while out on the road. Some truckers bring their pet along for the company and to give them an extra reason to get out of the truck for a minute. Others might bring a small television and their laptop or gaming system to enjoy in their off hours.


Some truckers love games. These days, there are just as many games available on mobile devices like phones and tablets as there are on dedicated systems like Playstation and Xbox. Bringing them along will certainly give you something to keep your mind occupied.


Sometimes, the best way to unwind is to curl up with a good book. You can get lost in the story and be transported somewhere else entirely for a while. Plus, they’re easily transported and you’d probably only need one or two per a run, depending on how fast you read, of course.

Streaming Services

Another thing you can do to pass the time is to sit back and catch up on your favorite shows or movies. A few years ago, this would have seemed far-fetched, but now, it is as common as brushing your teeth in the morning. With tons of offerings from companies like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, you will want for nothing when it comes to great entertainment.

Stay in Touch

For many, talking to family keeps them connected and reminds them what they are working for. There are a lot of drivers out there with family at home waiting for them. Talking to them at the end of the day is a great way to feel at home and remind yourself what you are driving for. Truck driving can be a lonely job and sometimes, you just need to talk to somebody.

Social Media

Using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter is a great way to stay in touch and stay caught up on current events while you’re away. A quick glance can show you if a friend is having a good day or bad day and whether or not you should avoid a certain stretch of road.

Phone Calls

Nothing beats a good phone call though. With most smartphones and tablets or laptops, you can easily have a live video chat with a friend or family member as well. Technology has come a long way over the years, and there are so many ways to communicate!

Rest is just as important as work is and it is the maintenance of both that will help you drive your way to success time after time. Remember to take care of yourself, so you can keep taking care of America as you haul goods across this great country. Stay safe out there, and stay trucking!