Trucking Pets Own the Road in 2018

Trucking Pets Own the Road in 2018

Truck driving can be a lonely way of life for some people. The combination of life on the road paired with long hours adds up to one things: solitude. Yet, many drivers out there know this isn’t the way things have to be. When drivers bring pets along on a haul, they get a trusted sidekick to pass by the long hours. Here are 10 road pets that made the haul in our, “Show Your Copilots” contest for 2018!trucking-pets-10

There are many benefits to having a pet along for the ride. As a driver makes their way from one location to another, they have to determine the rules for bringing a pet on company property.


As it turns out, there are numerous companies out there that have pet rider policies. The criteria ranges from company to company, so a potential driver-pet co-op is tempered by the rules of the company a driver decides to go with. In an owner operator’s case, the rules would be determined by customer loading dock policies.


On the downside, you have to be willing to pay the pet deposit for your company and do your homework on the rules of the sites you visit. Without proper planning, your route times may increase due to extra stops. These stops may end up better for your health anyways!


There are plenty of good reasons to bring a pet on the road for truck drivers, from the added companionship they give to the literal warmth they could provide if a trucker were to break down in a storm. Just remember to never assume a company is OK with pets. Be sure to check or ask them directly about their policies concerning the matter. Pets are great copilots to help deliver goods all over the country!






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