How to Get Truck Driving Jobs

How to Get Truck Driving Jobs

It’s hard to believe there is someone who never thought of earning money travelling. Looking for a job of your dream doing something you love and enjoy? Consider truck driving jobs!

Freight is especially in-demand these days which makes the transportation industry one of the most stable industries in our economy. Anything from food, clothes, gas and goods needs to be delivered. Truckers are an integral part of everyday life for almost every industry. They can be even called vital for the country. There is around 78% percent of products delivered by truck. “If you got it, a trucker brought it!”, as they say.

Thus, there is a constant need for professional devoted truck drivers.Truck Driving Jobs

Why Applying for Truck Driving Jobs?

There is a ton of fairly good reasons for someone to apply for the truck driving jobs.

The most important and a kind of motivating reason can be a trucker salary which is quite a decent one. The first year truckers start from an average fee of $35,000 a year while the same truckers after just a few years out may earn an average of 50,000 annually. The veteran drivers average fee is over $100,000 a year. Can you believe that the pay can be as good?

The second reason for choosing truck driving jobs is an opportunity to see the country developing and improving your driving skills at the same time. A truck driving job is a great way to view the big cities along with small suburbs and gain a glimpse into the life of people from different regions around the country. Imagine you’ve left LA in the afternoon with 72 degrees only to find yourself in the mountains of Utah later at night with the temperature of 15 degrees below zero!

Living on the road, seeing different places, meeting people, watching the sunrise and sunset from one coast to the other is what truck driving jobs are.

How many places have you been to in your life? How many sights of your gorgeous country have you seen? Get into a driver career, applying for truck careers and driver jobs, and get a good chance to explore the country of yours earning a decent salary at the same time.

What is more, the experienced drivers say there is a special thing about the camaraderie spirit, which is like the military feel you have with your fellow truckers. Think about how the truck driving jobs can change someone’s life to the better making it brighter and kind of spirited.

Hold on now! You might have got it wrong thinking that truck driving jobs are easy ones. That is not true! Being a truck driver takes a lot of self-discipline and requires adjusting your lifestyle completely to the job. The schedule when you spend several weeks on the road and then just a few days home with your family and friends is quite challenging and hard to get used to. Sometimes you may feel lonely on the road being exhausted by solitude, sometimes you can realize there isn’t really anyone around who cares and so on.

Commercial Driver’s License

Again, a trucker career is quite challenging; however, the goals of becoming successful, getting paid to see the country and many other factors, certainly, overshadow all disadvantages of a truck driving job. Do you feel like you can conquer the road? It’s up to you to decide. But if you’ve made up your mind to start the trucker career, the first step is to enter a truck driving school to get some knowledge on truck driving jobs. The most important thing is to find a school which helps with a job placement in this field so that you can get your first truck driver job right after you pass the exam.

When you finish the driving school and learn the ropes, you should take the CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) exam which includes both a road skills test and a written test. When you have a CDL, the opportunities to get a good truck driver job are significantly higher compared to the drivers without a CDL, because the more endorsements you have, – the more lucrative and money making your future job can be. The exam and a CDL license are the only requirements for any position as a truck driver. However, it is also recommended to undergo some truck driving jobs training which will teach you all the necessary skills you need in order to pass the written exam and give you the insight of what a trucker career actually is.

As it was mentioned before, a trucker career is a well-paid one, especially class A jobs when drivers have their Class A CDLs after training or school.

CDL-A is a breakdown of all type of truck driving jobs checklists. CDL A Classifications cover vehicles with more than 26,001 pounds Gross Vehicle Weight Rating pulling anything that is bigger than 10 thousand pounds. Like in any job, an experienced truck driver usually earns more than just a student or the beginner.

Types of Truck Drivers

There are different types of truck driver jobs you can apply for in order to start the flourishing trucker career you can benefit much from. Some of them require certain special training or an extra education, for some of them, just a bit of enthusiasm and appeal in getting new responsibilities and skills are required.

So there are the following truck driver jobs in the trucking industry:

Dry Van Drivers

This type of jobs is usually for the first year drivers to start out. They transport dry and non-perishable goods. Usually, Dry Van Drivers are not required to unload the truck themselves, however, it depends on the employer.

Flatbed Drivers

Flatbed trucks behavior is a bit different than trailers, which may influence the goods security. So you have to know what you are transporting and how the goods should be tied or packed very well. These are usually such types of goods as odd-shaped items or oversized freight. Flatbed jobs often assume the high trucker salary.

Tanker Drivers

Such drivers are usually the most in-demand ones in the given industry. Transporting hazardous or non-hazardous liquids can be quite dangerous and the tanker driver should always be ready to act fast in case of an emergency on the road.

Reefer Drivers

There are goods that should be transported under certain requirements and specific temperature. This includes some food, body parts, meat, certain medical appliances. The professionals at the wheel of such trucks are called Refrigerated Freight Drivers or Reefer Drivers. They must have certain temperature maintenance and optimization knowledge to be able to set the truck temperature and check it on a regular basis. The job involves more responsibility, hence the salary is high enough.

Tractor-Trailer Truck Drivers

Tractor-Trailer jobs involve operating tractor-trailer trucks with a capacity of 26,001 pounds per gross vehicle weight, transporting products, materials etc to specified destinations. The driver usually unloads or helps to unload the goods.

Freight Haulers

Being a Freight Hauler Driver means transporting large-sized, liquid or unsafe goods, usually those which are not covered under dry van transportation.

LTL Freight Drivers

“Less than truckload” is what LTL means. The LTL drivers may drive shorter distances making lots of stops, since they transport the smaller goods, but this kind of drivers usually must unload the trucks on their own.

Local Drivers

Local drivers, unlike the over the road jobs, usually transport goods within their town or city and do not travel too far.

Regional Drivers

Regional Drivers transport freight around a certain state.

OTR Drivers

OTR drivers jobs are over the road jobs, they may drive anywhere around the country.

Owner Operator Jobs

You can also become an Owner Operator which is a self-employed commercial truck driver with his own truck. Doing an Owner Operator job is not just driving your own truck but owning a full business with a certain business plan, income and expenses management, and a schedule to follow. The most experienced Owner Operators are constantly in high demand by every trucking company. Owner operators are usually more attractive for those companies than the common Class A truckers looking for work. By adding an owner operator to the team, the company benefits from the experienced driver who can easily take on the overhead, certain risk and expenses doing these truck driving jobs.

Trucker Salary

If you’re wondering which specific types of drivers the highest salary is paid to, the answer is the ice road truckers. They can easily earn a year’s trucker salary within just a couple of months due to the danger and high risk they take, especially, on over the road job terms. In addition to being brave, the ice road truckers should also know how to handle products and fix the trucks, if something is wrong with them during the trip.

Although the salaries usually depend on skills and experience, there are still certain states which are known to pay the highest for truck careers and driver jobs. One of those states with the highest paying Class A jobs is Mississippi with its heavy hauling positions which require certain extra skills and experience and an average pay of $68,000 per year. Wyoming, with an average pay of $61,000, offers a great variety of special truck driver job positions, which only a small number of drivers can qualify for. In New York, with its crowded roadways and  icy mountains, an average trucker salary is $60,000.

Bottom Line

As you can see, there are so many types of truck careers and driver jobs so that over the period of your career, you have a chance to try as many different positions and responsibilities, as you wish, as well as develop more essential skills along with the unique experience you can be proud of for the rest of your life. Do you feel the wind of change? There is no time to lose! Apply today to get a job of your dream that will certainly change your life for the better!