CDL Training: What You Need to Know

CDL Training: What You Need to Know

The appeal of commercial truck driving as a career is undeniable for most hopeful drivers. Great pay to support your family, the freedom of the open road and the satisfaction that you’re helping the country by moving industry along the highways in your rig. But as new drivers consider this career, we get many questions about how to get started and the cost of training/licenses.

Many drivers are looking for a new opportunity and come from many different walks of life. As they begin to research what it takes to become a truck driver, the requirement to go through CDL (the common acronym for commercial drivers license)  training and truck driving school can be intimidating if you’re not financially on solid ground. Even if you’ve got the money in the bank, it can be jarring to think of spending thousands of dollars to work for someone else.

The good news is that there’s plenty of options out there for future truck drivers to get free CDL training and have their truck driving school tuition reimbursed.

CDL training is the necessary first step towards your new career as a truck driver, but CDL training can cost thousands of dollars. To offset that financial burden and to encourage new drivers to get on the road, most commonly through a free or sponsored CDL training or through company owned-CDL schools.

Sponsored programs include company-approved lists of schools and programs. Typically, student driver jobs are available through these programs and offer an additional payment on top your wages to reimburse you for the cost of completing an approved program.


Company Sponsored CDL Training at Truck Driving Schools


When you apply to the companies that offer company sponsored CDL training, be sure to mark “No CDL” on your application and pay attention to the details you get about training. Many aspects of training programs can vary, such as school location, training program length and even the commitment the company requires from their drivers to get the training and, subsequently, the job.

If you would rather pursue your CDL training independently or are already in school and just learning about these options, you can check out this list of companies that will reimburse you for CDL training.


Trucking Companies With Tuition Reimbursement for CDL Training


Typically, these companies will pay you additional money to on your paychecks to cover the cost of your CDL training in increments. Every company’s policies and procedures can vary, so be sure to discuss all of the options and details with your hiring manager before you make any final decisions. You can get the process started by applying here. Once your application is submitted, trucking companies will contact you with job offers and details on CDL training reimbursement options as a part of your new job.

Whether you are still deciding on how to begin your truck driving career, are a student looking for your best financial options or a bonafide CDL student driving seeking great job offers, there are trucking companies that are waiting to see an application just like yours. Apply today!