7 Trucker Tales: How They Drove into the Business

7 Trucker Tales: How They Drove into the Business

People become drivers for all sorts of reasons.

The freedom, the cash, and the open road have long called men and women to get behind the wheel and haul freight across America. When you’re a part of the trucking industry, adventure, opportunity, and independence come with the job, and that’s pretty awesome.

People from all walks of life are becoming truck drivers. They’ve heard about the benefits, and now they are seeing for themselves just how lucrative the business is. Some people are driving to put food on the table, others might be looking for a career change, and some are following in the steps of great truckers that came before them.

Here are stories from seven truckers and how they drove into the business.


James J.

“I have always been fascinated with operating heavy equipment. As a little kid, I was always one to get the truckers to sound their horn. After years in construction and landscaping I finally had the money to go to truck driving school.

Now I am living my dream getting paid to drive a big truck around the country and see places and things I never thought I would.”


Natasha D.

“When I was two, I would ride to work with a guy I called Grandpa. He always told me to chase the bull dog. I almost caught it. But instead I caught the driving bug. It’s nineteen years this May. I would not change a thing. Its been a great life.”


Bob S.

“ I love the road. My father was a truck driver and I would ride with him all the time.

The truckstop food, the sunset in your mirror or windshield, the CB lighting up with drivers yakking about the chicken coops. The cloud of sulfur hanging just above the idling trucks in the lot, the vibration of the truck while sleeping. The smell of oil and diesel mixed with denim and leather.

Everything about the industry made me want to be a driver. I mean who wouldn’t? You get paid to see the country. It’s a dang good deal.”


Thomas A.

“I became a truck driver because I was born and raised around trucks. My dad drove semi trucks when I was a kid and I went in the truck with him every chance I got. I loved spending that time alone with my dad. We were very close and I will never forget the time we spent together even now that he has passed away. I still have pictures of him when he was a truck driver.”


Angela W.

“Equal pay for equal work, less micromanagement, chance to see the country and learn more about it. Best thing I ever did.”


Doug L.

“Raised on the road when Route 66 was Route 66 and not the name of some blue jeans. Been in every state but two.”


Chris H.

“I had always wanted to drive big trucks. Thanks to people like BJ McKay, my Uncle Jack, and countless others who I’d see on the road daily, I’ve been hauling since 1998 and I wouldn’t want it any other way.”


These men and women are just a small fraction of the people who have chosen to invest their lives into the trucking industry. Truck drivers really are the backbone of America. The more there are, the taller our country will stand. Whether its to provide for your family, see new places, or just to learn something new, there’s plenty of paths to success in trucking.

No matter how you come to it, being a truck driver is a rewarding experience and a great career path. You can work for a company or become an owner operator, learn to drive specialized trucks and make even more cash; you just name the goal, and let those eighteen wheels take you there.